ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque is on track to break last year’s homicide record, according to the Albuquerque Police Department’s data. This year, APD officially recorded their 100th homicide victim on September 25. In a recent news conference, APD Police Chief Harold Medina stated he expects even more before the year is over.

In 2021, by the end of September, APD had only counted 88 homicides. That is 12 fewer than the same time this year.

According to data, there are some similarities between last year’s and this year’s homicides. Eastern Central Ave., in particular, tends to have a higher number of homicides. Downtown Albuquerque also continues to remain a frequent location for homicides.

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Interactive Image: So far, homicides this year tend to be clustered in similar areas to homicide locations in 2021. Data from APD and KRQE News 13, map features from UNM RGIS.

One thing that is different about this year’s homicides is the number of double homicides. By the end of September 2021, the city had seen just a few double homicides or homicide incidents with multiple victims.

In 2022, the city has seen seven double homicides. That includes an incident where a man and his aunt were reportedly shot in their apartment on September 2. APD has arrested a suspect in that case.

Of the homicides APD has investigated this year, so far, 54 have been solved or closed, according to APD. They also report that 64 suspects have been arrested or are deceased.