Tuesday morning, a dashcam captured a motorcyclist flying down Paseo Del Norte and doing dangerous tricks.

“He pops a wheelie first and then he stood up and then he lifted one leg. As he drove off further, I believe he lifted an arm as well. So I believe he was holding onto the bike with one arm and one leg,” said Angela Miller, whose dashcam recorded the rider.

Miller says the rider was clearly trying to put on a show.

“He split the lane coming through cars so he could get in front of everyone,” said Miller.

Miller believes he was putting himself and others at risk.

“In watching that I just thought I was getting ready to witness an accident,” said Miller.

Miller also thinks his reckless ride gives other motorcyclists a bad name.

“I actually feel sorry for other motorcyclists because I think it makes their community look bad. In general, the motorcycle riders that I know are very respectful,” said Miller.

The Associate Director of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization agrees with Miller.

“This is the month we’re really trying to promote safety and awareness and there’s a handful of riders out there that just aren’t getting it,” said David Cruz.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. The several hundred members of the organization are out patrolling, trying to stop motorcyclists just like the one in the video.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been riding and I’ll see someone doing something stupid and we’ll pull them over, we’ll try and reach out to them,” said Cruz.

This time, no responsible motorcyclist or law enforcement officer was there to stop this rider. However, the rider did drive by an NMDOT digital billboard that told drivers to ‘share the road’ with motorcycles.

In this case, drivers want this rider off the road.

“This is not the appropriate place to do that. Don’t put other lives in danger,” said Miller.

Miller first posted the video to the Nextdoor app. Several other people said they saw the same motorcyclist doing the same tricks all day Tuesday.

All month digital billboards across the state are displaying motorcycle awareness messages on them.

Police say if you see this rider or any other dangerous riders, try and get the plate number and call 242-COPS.