At his sentencing for attacking a teen with a shovel, Justin Hansen’s family painted him as a doting father, who could have never committed a violent crime.

That’s not what his ex-girlfriend told police, however. Never before heard interviews reveal more dark secrets.

“He’s never showed any violent tendencies in all of his 34 years,” said Doreen Shoemaker at her son’s sentencing in July, as she cried before a judge. 

His father also fought for his innocence. 

“I agree with them this was a monster. What I don’t agree with is it was not Justin,” said Hansen’s father.  

Brittani Marcell was only 17 when she was nearly beaten to death with a shovel inside her westside home in 2008.

Almost ten years later, police finally had a suspect. They started zeroing in on Hansen and asking his family questions.

Now, Albuquerque Police have released new audio of interviews with Hansen’s ex-girlfriend and mother of one of his sons, recorded more than six months before his arrest. She claims he was anything but a good guy. 

“I know he has a lot of criminal stuff that he has hidden and done,” said the woman.

The woman explained what it was like dating Hansen.  

“The only thing I can tell you about Justin is he does… lie a lot.”

In the interview, she claimed Hansen was in and out of their son’s life, and even took him on crime sprees. 

“He stole his mom’s purse and took her credit cards with ***** and he drove around the city stealing street bikes,” she said.  

Yet, she says Hansen’s mom never reported it; and it’s not the only crime she claims he committed. 

“He set this car on fire and then told the police somebody else did it. And I knew that he had done it,” she said.  

She says he would only use their son to get what he wanted.

“His motive was always like, you know if you want to have him back or you want to have this, you should pay this much money for him,” the woman said.  

The couple broke up in 2006, and Hansen gave up his parental rights to their child.

Hansen later married another woman and had three more kids. The District Attorney’s office says those phone interviews were not allowed in court because Hansen was never charged for the crimes his ex-girlfriend claimed. 

At sentencing, prosecutors did bring up several past allegations of sexual assault, but he was never charged in those cases, either. 

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