TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – Bizarre behavior landed one woman behind bars twice in one week. She’s accused of breaking into a Taos animal shelter then within days, breaking into a home and leading deputies on a chase. Lapel video shows the woman driving a stolen ATV leading deputies on a six-mile chase.

Early Monday morning, Taos Police got a call about a woman, 25-year-old Aleczasia Roberson, with six dogs not on leashes. “Ms. Roberson allegedly broke into the Taos animal shelter and opened the cages and released several animals that were inside,” said Taos County Undersheriff Steve Miera. According to a criminal complaint, the doors had been kicked in and the water was turned on, flooding the shelter.

Roberson was detained but didn’t stay behind bars for long. She was let out on bond. Two days later, deputies were called to a home about 30 miles outside of Taos. Documents said a homeowner woke up to Roberson inside the house.

“During that time, Ms. Roberson leaves the residence and breaks into another residence looking for a vehicle,” said the Undersheriff. “She comes across a Polaris side-by-side that she managed to get started and on the deputy’s arrival that’s when they encountered her.” The Undersheriff said Roberson led deputies on a chase that lasted about six miles. Roberson finally stops but the encounter with deputies quickly becomes tense.

“Get out of the vehicle,” yelled a deputy.
“I didn’t know you were trying to get to me,” said Roberson.
“Get the f*** out of the f***ing vehicle now,” said the deputy. “Why weren’t you stopping?”
“I don’t know you were trying to,” said Roberson.
“How the f*** did you not know,” asked the deputy.
“Ow, my wrist,” said Roberson while the deputy was placing her into handcuffs.
“F*** you and your wrist,” said the deputy.

The sheriff said the way that deputy handled the arrest will be under review. The undersheriff said he’s frustrated Roberson was let out of jail the first time. “The fault kind of lays on our criminal justice system with and it’s a perfect example of how the no bail system or suspension of the bail system came about,” said the Undersheriff.

Roberson is now back in jail. The animal shelter said the dogs are okay and they have cleaned up after the flooding.