ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A woman accused in a drunk driving crash that left a young child in critical condition appeared in court on Monday afternoon. Witnesses say Nicole Vargas was speeding down Wyoming Blvd. on Saturday night running red lights when she t-boned another car at the intersection of Marquette Ave.

“My daughter is upstairs currently on a ventilator with a spine injury, her neck is broken, she has fractures she has internal bleeding, she’s bleeding from her spleen,” said Trevisha Traylor.

In that other car was Traylor’s husband who was injured, suffering a concussion, broken tailbone, and fractured knees. Their two-year-old daughter who was also in the vehicle was dislodged from her car seat and found unconscious. The little girl was last known to be in critical condition with internal bleeding and head trauma.

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When questioned, police say Vargas admitted she had drunk a six-pack of hard seltzer and was on her way to buy more alcohol. Authorities say she performed poorly, failing several field sobriety tests… Vargas was arrested at the scene. Police are awaiting the result of a blood test. Police say Vargas was not hurt but her passenger hit the windshield during the crash and was taken to the hospital. Vargas is charged with causing great bodily injury by DWI.

Traylor says she wishes she could do more for her family and hopes the woman who police say hurt her family is held accountable. “This is just sad that the actions of someone else is causing so much emotional and mental strain on me and my husband and my husband can’t even talk to each other,” Traylor said.

Vargas appeared in court today… The state filed a motion for preventative detention. online records show she does not have prior criminal history.