RED RIVER, N.M. (KRQE) — In Red River, three people were killed and five others injured after shots rang out Saturday on East Main Street.

According to state police, the people involved were members of the Bandidos and Water Dogs biker gangs. They include Jacob Castillo, who is now charged with murder; Christopher Garcia, who was injured and charged with cocaine possession; and Matthew Jackson, who is accused of taking a gun into a liquor establishment.

The others injured are not yet charged.

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State police said they believe the shooting stemmed from a conflict over a gang member taking a picture with a different gang in Albuquerque.

A search through the online court records showed Randy Sanchez, one of the deceased, pleaded “no contest” to conspiracy to commit a crime back in 2000. Everyone else involved didn’t have any significant, criminal cases in New Mexico.

Garcia and Jackson are from Texas, so if they did commit crimes in their home state, they would not show up in New Mexico’s court system.

State police were asked for more information about their pasts, but they did not respond.