Warning: Some of the themes and videos in this piece contain graphic content

FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – A quiet Monday morning in a Farmington neighborhood quickly turned chaotic when a Farmington High School student, Beau Wilson, unleashed havoc on his community. Friday, the Farmington Police Department released all of its video evidence from the May 15 mass shooting that killed three people.

According to police, not all of the responding officers had body cameras assigned to them that day because they were either on their way to lunch or because of their specific duties. A Ring doorbell camera captures the 18-year-old firing round after round from his home – ambushing people driving down his block. Wilson eventually ditches the AR-15 that he was using and walks down the street with two handguns.

Amidst the chaos, Wilson killed a mother and daughter, Melody Ivie and Gwendolyn Schofield. The mother-daughter pair had stopped to check on another woman, Wilson’s first victim, Shirley Voita. Voita had fallen out of her car after being shot. An earlier video, released by Farmington police, shows Voita’s empty car rolling down the street with the driver’s side door open.

Before the three women were killed, a New Mexico State Police officer was shot in the arm. Cell phone video captures Wilson spraying bullets at the officer as he drives by Wilson, who is standing outside of a Methodist church.

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In one of the videos, you can hear an officer saying, “I’ve got three victims down there. I need that secured as well.” Officers raced to the scene before coming face-to-face with the shooter. “I have eyes on the suspect; he’s wearing all-black, skinny. He’s in front of the Methodist church.”

The videos show police officers exchanging gunfire with Wilson. Two officers were shot in the incident. The officers can be heard processing and relaying the damage done in some of the video footage. “I now have three vehicles that have become part of the crime scene and two patients with heart issues. Get the medics up here.”

Community members from all around came to aid the officers in their efforts. “We were running from our car when the gunshots were taking place; it was right behind us,” one witness says.

In the shooting, three women were killed, two officers were wounded, and four other civilians were injured – bringing the total victim count to nine. According to police, Wilson had more than 14 rounds of ammunition at his home. He fired 141 AR rounds from his front porch before heading through the neighborhood with the handguns.

Police say that on the day of the mass shooting, Wilson was prepared with body armor and a note. In the note, he referred to the day as “the end of the chapter.” Wilson can also be heard in the video yelling at police to “come and shoot” him.