ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The woman accused of damaging dozens of cars in a City of Albuquerque parking lot with a baseball bat now has a warrant out for her arrest.

It all happened on St. Patrick’s Day, a rampage in the Civic Plaza parking garage in downtown Albuquerque. Police say 46-year-old Danielle Magee took a baseball bat to more than 40 vehicles where city councilors and mayor’s office employees park. 

Erik Strobert witnessed the destruction. “She targeted every single car in the designated mayor’s office parking spot. She targeted every car in the city council parking spots,” he said. Witnesses say Magee was yelling about a family member that had died and remarking about the city’s nice cars. She was arrested, then let out a week later. But court records show she failed to report to pretrial services. 

On March 28 a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. On Tuesday APD’s crisis intervention officers were seen talking with Magee at her home about a half-mile from Civic Plaza, a home riddled with writings. 

One neighbor shared, “What are they trying to say? You know, it’s just…I think a lot of neighbors wonder what it means and what they’re talking about. I really don’t understand.” APD did confirm the team was responding to a behavioral health call.

Bernalillo County has a behavioral health court, a process aimed at providing resources to people in crisis. Douglas Wilber is an attorney at Albuquerque Law Offices of the Public Defender. He shared, “The whole point of mental health court is I think to get people in these situations into a position where they can access regular treatment.”

While Wilber wouldn’t speak to Magee’s specific case he says defendants can’t be forced to participate. “You have to have a client that has a diagnosis but they’re also going to have to be in a position where the court and their attorney can actually understand it and enter into a plea,” Wilber said. 

Meanwhile, the district attorney’s office says it, “supports all behavioral health courts to be utilized as much as possible, with proper staffing and early referrals.” Whether Magee will get the help she needs, is a question no one at this point could really answer. 

Court records show Magee was charged with a misdemeanor in January, for breaking a car window in the parking lot at the Sandia Casino. The DA’s office has dismissed the case so it can charge her with a felony. Her next hearing is in April.