ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It could have been a simple traffic stop, but the driver behind the wheel refused to stop. Dash cam footage from July 16 shows a Bernalillo County Deputy attempting to pull over a black Chevy Silverado after seeing the driver, Marlon Bell, make quick lane changes and failed to use his signal.

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With lights and sirens engaged, it was clear what the deputy was trying to do. However, Bell refused to pull over and took off. Bell eventually pulled into a parking lot. The stop wasn’t an easy task for the deputy, with Bell arguing with her.

After arguing back and forth for a couple of minutes, Bell takes off again. Deputies try catching up with him, but this time he gets away.

Now, he’s facing much more than a little traffic citation. There’s currently a warrant out for his arrest. He’s facing multiple charges including fleeing from an officer and resisting. Back in 2008, he was charged with a DWI.