ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – On May 27, near Isleta and Rio Bravo Boulevard, a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over a car with a driver who did not want to cooperate. Raedelle Bahe has now been charged with three DWIs, and a newly released video shows Bahe giving deputies a difficult time during her most recent arrest.

In just a matter of seconds after pulling Bahe over, deputies learned she was not going to cooperate.

Deputy: Roll down your windows. Roll down your windows. Roll down your windows. Roll down your window, I said. You need to roll down your window right now. Do you understand me?

Bahe repeatedly refused to roll down her windows, stating, “I know my rights,” lowering her driver’s side window by about an inch and talking to the deputy through the small opening.

Deputy: Listen to me and step out of your car right now. Do not make this a bigger deal than what it has to be. Open your door.

After a long argument, the driver’s side door eventually opened, but Bahe still refused to cooperate.

Deputy: Get out of the car.
Bahe: No.
Deputy: Get our of your car.
Bahe: You don’t have any rights.
Deputy: Get out of the car.
Bahe: Don’t.
Deputy: Listen to me. Get our of your car.
Bahe: You don’t have any rights.
Deputy: Before you get in trouble, you need to get out of your car.

As Bahe continued to argue, the deputy saw a young child in the back seat of the car who turned out to be Bahe’s nephew. Despite warnings from the deputy about what would happen next, Bahe started to make phone calls.

Deputy: You are about to get pulled out of your vehicle.
Bahe: You have no rights.

After even more arguing, the deputy finally had enough; they decided to pull Bahe from the vehicle and detain her.

Deputy: Put your hand back here. You are under arrest.
Bahe: Are you serious with me?
Deputy: Put your hand back here right now.
Bahe: Are you serious?
Deputy: Put your hands back here right now.
Bahe: You are hurting me, sir.
Deputy: You need to relax.
Bahe: My hands. I was not resisting you.

Bahe continued to resist the deputy after being handcuffed – even going as far as sticking her foot in the BCSO car door to prevent the deputy from closing the door.

Deputy: Put your foot in the car so I can close this door. You have been resisting the whole time.
Bahe: I have not.

Deputies found bottles of alcohol in Bahe’s front seat and were able to get her to jail. This was the third time she was arrested for DWI, but her latest arrest also included aggravated DWI for refusing to take a breath test.

Last month, Bahe pleaded guilty to DWI for the third time. However, the court has deemed this case her third “first offense.” Her sentence was 12 months in jail, but all of it was suspended.

KRQE News 13 reached out to the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s office to get feedback on Bahe’s “first offense” after three DWIs and to see if she was required to have an ignition interlock. DA spokesperson Nancy Laflin said, “The defendant was held accountable for DWI. The ignition interlock is required by law. It’s usually something the judge orders at the time of sentencing.”