SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) –Thousands of dollars in Native American art and jewelry stolen from a U-Haul outside a Santa Fe art gallery, and the entire heist was caught on camera. “You might as well turn yourself in because the video shows exactly who you are,” said William Faust, the owner of Faust Gallery.

That’s the advice Faust has for the two thieves responsible for breaking into his U-Haul parked on the plaza Tuesday night. “They must have seen us open late, and saw what we were doing,” said Faust. “They decided when we left that it was a great opportunity to come break into it.”

Surveillance cameras captured the thieves walking away with thousands of dollars in Native American rugs, jewelry, and even ammunition. “They were in and out of that truck three times, for a full hour, and no one, no patrol, nothing was around the street at all,” said Faust.

Faust says he left the U-Haul parked in the front because he’s been preparing for an exhibit and the upcoming Indian Market. He says he was unable to finish unloading all of the art and thought it would be safe overnight.

“I’ve always parked U-Haul’s out there and I’ve never had trouble,” said Faust. He says he now has a lot less to offer his clients during this year’s Indian Market, which Faust says is expected to be even bigger than years past.

Faust reported the theft to Santa Fe Police, KRQE News 13 reached out to ask if there are any leads, but did not hear back.