SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Santa Fe Police say a suspected drunk driver caused a terrible crash back in November that left a family badly hurt. To top it off, the suspect even tried running from the scene. Now, newly released police video shows the chaotic moments after the crash.

It was a hectic scene when Santa Fe Police officers showed up at the intersection of Cerrillos and 3rd last month. At the scene was a smashed white truck and a badly damaged Jeep. Witnesses on the scene told officers what they saw moments before the crash. “We could see him hauling a** going like 90 mph, splitting between us, almost hit this guy’s car,” said a witness.

Santa Fe Police say Santiago Sanchez was behind the wheel of the truck when he hit the Jeep, that was turning onto 3rd Street. Right after the crash, the 20-year old took off running. He didn’t get very far when officers caught up with him at a nearby storage facility. His face and hands were covered in blood as officers quickly cuffed him.

While in the ambulance, Sanchez asked the officer for a favor and even questioned what was going on with his current legal situation. Once he got to the hospital, he insisted he didn’t have anything to drink, but officers felt they had enough evidence to charge him with DWI and three felony counts of great bodily harm by vehicle.

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