ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — We’re getting a better look at the burglary of Calibers Gun Shop. A new video shows how the thief got inside and made off with more than six thousand dollars worth of firearms. Surveillance video shows how a thief squeezed through a tiny window, but he made one big mistake that made it really easy to figure out who he was.

In the early hours of Feb. 18, two men broke into the Calibers on Cutler near Washington. “How did he get through that?” “The video shows him coming through here.” “That’s crazy. My leg wouldn’t fit through that!” remarked officers on the scene the next morning. The burglar got into the store by removing a small window and climbing through.

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The store manager pieced together what happens next for the police: “He essentially comes in, takes a couple stuff off the wall, immediately goes over the cases in the back, grabs a backpack. Will come over, try to bust the glass, pushes it off, steals some handguns, possibly some Oakleys.”

But the suspect had left fingerprints everywhere, and there was no shortage of fingerprints on file for Alejandro Gonzalez. His accomplice never made it into the store, so he used a sign to grab what turned out to be a plastic training gun.

At the time of this crime, the detective on this case was investigating six other burglaries that had the same method of entry—and he was actively investigating two other burglaries at Calibers within the past month. “Dude, the guy that’s doing this has got to be like the worst burglar in Albuquerque history. Cause he has hit everything. Everything,” says one officer at the scene.

Although police knew who they were after, Gonzalez wasn’t arrested until June when he was caught shoplifting from a Wal-Mart with Fentanyl on him. Police believe the accomplice in that video is named William Berry, but he has not been charged with the Calibers heist in February.

Like Gonzalez, he has a long history of drug and burglary charges.