QUESTA, N.M. (KRQE) – A 13-year-old was shot and killed in late July in Questa. A 14-year-old is being accused of murdering her, and now, a video reveals the frantic moments of officers arriving at the scene.

On July 28, police arrived at a home in Questa. A 13-year-old girl had just been shot, and police tried to give aid to her as an ambulance was on its way.

Two of the witnesses, her brother and friend, were in shock and couldn’t tell the police what had happened. Shortly after, the owner of the home, William Brown, showed up and said he wouldn’t leave his house. 

Police mentioned the first claim was the teen was shot in a drive-by. Eventually, the witnesses told police the teens were hanging out in the home when 14-year-old Porfirio Brown shot and killed the girl.

“All of a sudden you just hear a boom, I look, and I see her fall to the ground,” said the 13-year-old victim’s friend.

William Brown, Porfirio’s father, came home from his work as a corrections officer. Throughout the police video, he can be seen giving police a hard time.

Brown was seemingly only worried about his animals and being able to get back on his property.

Officer: “You can’t go back. It’s a crime scene.”

William Brown: “Well, we’re going to be around there because we still have animals that we were trying to close when this happened. We have to close those sheep.”

After learning more about the situation, police believed they had enough cause to detain 14-year-old Porfirio Brown.

After a search of the home, police found many of Brown’s guns not properly stored. Law enforcement arrested William Brown for negligently storing a firearm and allowing a child to misuse the weapon.

William Brown is the first person to be charged under “Bennie’s Law,” which is a fourth-degree felony. Porfirio Brown is also facing first-degree murder charges.