ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – New video shows the moments after three rural New Mexico ranchers caught a homicide suspect from Texas who was on the run. Former U.S. airman, Kionne Lewis, 29, was a suspect out of Midland, Texas, who was wanted for the murder of a woman. He came to New Mexico, led police on a chase, and was finally caught with the help of ranchers.

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Three New Mexico ranchers near Roswell had an unforgettable day when they caught the armed suspect. “I didn’t know if he’d shoot at me or what. But anyway he took off…and he went by that Porta-Potty over there, and then he stopped,” said one rancher.

The day before on September 27, New Mexico State Police were contacted by Midland Texas police saying Lewis was a homicide suspect and could be in the Roswell area driving a white Ford. That evening, about 100 miles north of Roswell in Vaughn, police spotted Lewis in the Ford. Lewis rammed into an NMSP car, disabling it.

Video shows Lewis leading police on a chase, going more than 100 miles per hour. He eventually drove off U.S. 285 onto a pasture. “Execute, execute, execute,” said State Police before going to the car asking for Lewis and for him to put his hands up. He had run away on foot, forcing police to search for him all night.

The next day, the three ranchers saw him running near Eden Valley Road. They made contact with Lewis and didn’t buy his story.

“Then he started talking to me and telling me his whole spiel,” one rancher explained to police. They continued to talk to Lewis and even got him to drop his rifle.

“He wanted a ride to Midland. We told him well if you put your gun over here, then we can, maybe we can arrange a ride to Midland or whatever,” the rancher explained. The ranchers kept Lewis at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him.

He was taken to the hospital and then to the Chaves County Detention Center. After the arrest, NMSP thanked all the agencies who helped search for Lewis and called the ranchers ‘courageous.’

In Texas, Lewis is charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon. In New Mexico, he is facing charges for battery on a police officer and evading arrest. He is set to be extradited to Texas before the end of the month.