ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Drinking and driving is a nonstop problem in New Mexico, but it’s not often you see a suspected drunk driver crash into an emergency vehicle. That’s what happened at a major South Valley intersection.

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As a Bernalillo County Sheriff Deputy arrived on the scene of a crash at Coors and Arenal in the early morning hours, she was met by Amanda Kittel. Her black dodge was hit hard by a Bernalillo County fire rescue truck that was on its way to a call back in august. 

Kittel, confused and slurring her words, shared her side of what happened. “I don’t even know I got hit, and it was crazy like…I was like what the f*** is going on? That’s it,” she told the responding deputy. 

According to the driver of the rescue truck, as she was making a right-hand turn, she crashed into the black sedan, which she described as “flying” down the road. Kittel was behind the wheel of the sedan and admitted to the deputy that she had been drinking. 

After a bit of convincing, Kittel agreed to go to the hospital where she would have her blood drawn to determine how drunk she was. Kittel’s blood results showed a BAC of 0.2. That’s two and a half times the legal limit.

Kittel has not gone to trial yet for the aggravated DWI. According to online court records, the 40-year-old has two prior DWI charges that were dismissed.