ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New video shows the moment Albuquerque Police tracked down 19-year-old Reginald Hall. The young homeless man was accused of sexually assaulting a jogger in the Bosque and then trying to set the Bosque on fire.

“If you don’t stop, force will be used upon you. This is the Albuquerque Police Department. You’re being audio and video recorded. If you don’t stop, force will be used against you man,” said one responding officer. The manhunt ends with commands to get Hall to stop running as they track him down near Second street and Cesar Chavez. “Again, it’s the Albuquerque Police Department. If you don’t stop, force will be used against you,” said the responding officer.

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Investigators say Hall raped and stabbed a 70-year-old runner in the Bosque south of the Hispanic Cultural Center on August 19. A witness told deputies they saw Hall dragging the woman into an irrigation ditch, snapping a picture of him afterward.

Hall was found around 10 hours later. “Don’t make me chase you, man. You better stop. Get on the ground; stay right there, man. Hall eventually stopped. “Drop that, put your hands behind your back,” said responding officers. Upon searching him for weapons, officers found a knife in Hall’s right pocket. When officers ask Hall why he ran from them, Hall’s story changes. “It’s been a hot day. I got robbed earlier for my bag and then also the sheriff, I don’t know if you guys know the Sheriff’s Department accused, of trying to stop me from robbing an old man, said Hall.

Hall, who is from the Village of Los Lunas, mentioned to arresting officers he’d been staying at shelters that week. “I was just trying to get to a shelter before; they close at 5:45 p.m. Hall is currently behind bars. He has a hearing coming up Tuesday to see if he’ll stay locked up until his trial.