ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque doctor tried to plead ignorance after being pulled over for driving 116 miles per hour on the freeway. New Mexico State Police say the Porsche flew by them going Northbound on I-25 near Paseo in December. They say he veered onto the Paseo exit and pulled over into a Lowe’s parking lot.

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When asked, the driver Doctor Terry Hansen pleads ignorance, but the officer, after believing he smells alcohol on Hansen, asks him to step out. The officer lectured Hansen on driving like a maniac during the holidays. He also questions him about his night out and takes him through field sobriety tests. Hansen makes a final case that he’s okay to drive, but the officer doesn’t buy it and arrests Hansen.

Hansen refused to take a breathalyzer. That’s an automatic aggravated DWI to go with the speeding ticket. The doctor only has one other thing on his record, a ticket for parking a Porsche on a sidewalk.