*Warning: Video above contains violence and strong language

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Alarming behavior from a group of uniformed security guards outside an Albuquerque pharmacy. They’re seen on camera behaving in a way that wouldn’t make anyone feel safe. Cell phone video captures four security guards surrounding and punching one man in the parking lot outside the Walgreens on San Mateo and Montgomery.

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Video shows the security guard works with Mesa Detection Agency, a local security company based in downtown. According to a police report, the security guard is a supervisor for the agency. On Wednesday night, the supervisor told police he drove to Walgreens to help his colleagues out with unruly customers.

The supervisor told officers the man was yelling at employees and refused to leave the store and then tried to hit the supervisor. However, that swing is not seen on video. What is seen is the supervisor punching the man at least twice, although he told officers he only did it once and mentioned nothing about the aggressive words he said to the man.

The group of guards dispersed leaving the man alone on the ground. The supervisor then chastises people for recording the fight.

Witness: “You sucker-punched him.”
Security Guard: “You can record it, bro. F****** little rat.”

The supervisor then threatens other people in the parking lot.

Security guard: “Pull out whatever you want. You want some, too? You want some, too? You gotta sit there and record me like a little girl?”

No further physical fighting happens while the camera is rolling. After a few more digs toward witnesses and a final threat, the guard walks away.

Security guard: “I aint no security, bro. I’m a triple OG, homie. What’s your name? You wanna meet? When I get off of work we can go meet anywhere you want, bro.”

KRQE News 13 reached out to Mesa Detection Agency multiple times on Friday afternoon to ask if they stand by the guard’s actions but have not heard back. Walgreens Corporate says they do not contract with MDA, so it’s not clear who hired them to patrol the store.