Police video shows officers catching up with a Pennsylvania man after they say he broke into a Santa Fe author’s home to look for a hidden treasure chest.

His quest was a failure and so was his attempt to talk his way out of trouble.

Santa Fe Police say they got a call about a burglary at Forrest Fenn’s home. When they showed up, one of Fenn’s daughters was holding the intruder at gun point.

Daughter: “My sister just took my mom and dad to the doctor. When they came home, they couldn’t open the gate and the little gate was busted.” 

When officers got to the house on Friday, they found Robert Miller.

Fenn looked on as the officer cuffed the intruder.

Police say Miller got onto the property by kicking down a small wooden door next to the main gate. He also used an axe to break into the home.

Miller: “I thought the poem directed me into here. I thought it said…” 
Officer: “Poem?” 
Miller: “Yeah, the treasure map. The treasure hunt. You know?” 

Miller told police he flew from his home in Pennsylvania to Santa Fe in search of Fenn’s hidden treasure, as mentioned in his book.

The author claims he’s hidden millions worth in gold and jewels somewhere in the Rockies.

Confused, the officer continues to ask Miller why he targeted Fenn’s home.

Officer: “So you came on the property because of a poem?! Are you serious?” 
Miller: “Yeah.” 
Officer: “You weren’t here to break anything?” 
Miller: “I was taking that box of clothes right there, like the poem said.” 

The officer then broke it to Miller that his treasure hunt is a crime.

Officer: “Here’s the thing, man. That’s burglary, dude.” 
Miller: “I know.” 

Disappointed in himself, Miller apologized.

As the officer talked to Fenn’s daughter, Miller interrupted and asked a question everyone wants to know.

Miller: “Isn’t there a treasure?”

 Daughter: “I’m sorry?” 

Miller: “Isn’t there a treasure?” 

Daughter: (no response)

Robert Miller was charged with burglary and criminal damage to property. He says he did it because he’s almost broke.

Santa Fe Police say a few people have broken into Fenn’s home in recent years looking for the hidden treasure.