RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Video shows thieves slashing tires around 4:30 a.m. Monday in Rio Rancho near 528 and High Resort Blvd. “It was really sad the day after Christmas too. Like, wake up to that,” Lori Wright said. Her next-door neighbors are now stuck with a $1,200 bill.

Her neighbors aren’t the only ones who were hit in the area. Rio Rancho police tell KRQE officers responded to several reports of this throughout the entire city on Monday. “You can’t even park your car in your own driveway without having somebody come and do something,” Wright said.

This comes just weeks after Rio Rancho’s Cabezon neighborhood was targeted overnight. There, more than 30 victims had their tires slashed. Rio Rancho police say they are considering the similarities between the two but can’t say if there is a connection.

For now, Wright can only hope her family is not next. “It looks like probably some teenagers just being, just dumb teenagers; doing things that they don’t realize, you know, that costs a lot of money for people and especially the day after Christmas,” she says.

Rio Rancho police say no arrests have been made and no suspects identified. People are encouraged to call them if they recognize the people or truck in the video.