ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New video shows Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies tracking a trio trying to steal from the Target at I-25 and Paseo. When deputies go in for the arrest, the one suspect takes off, leading them on a wild chase.

On a Tuesday night in late May, Stacy Gallegos and who she says are her new friends, couple Shyla Mcewan and Francisco Garcia, go to the Target on Paseo to shoplift.

Deputy: What were you and your husband doing? 

Mcewan: We were looking around at the clothes and stuff…and I put some clothes in my purse. A couple items in my purse.

Deputy: So, you were shoplifting? 

Mcewan: Oh yeah, that’s what you’re asking.

What they didn’t know was that BCSO deputies are in a surveillance room at the Target.

Deputy: We watched you two the entire time.

After about a half-hour in the store, removing tags and stuffing clothes in her purse, Mcewan and Garcia walk out where they’re met by deputies. Meanwhile, Gallegos picks out a vacuum and a cart full of items before hitting self-checkout. She spends nearly 10 minutes here, pretending to pay and even having an employee come over twice to help. Then, Gallegos tries to make a run for it.

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A deputy walks right by her outside the store, before noticing it’s Gallegos. She runs in her car and backs into a deputy’s unit before taking off.

She takes deputies on a chase, speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. The nearly 10-minute chase comes to an end when Gallegos crashes into a wall at a parking lot near the Walmart off Carlisle.

She tries to run but doesn’t get far. She is arrested and admits to the police that she was planning on stealing.

Gallegos: I was at target…I really was trying to buy shampoo…I wanted to go clean my carpets…because I have CYFD messing with me.
Gallegos: I just really wanted to clean my house. I have a visit that’s going to be coming up.
Gallegos: I don’t usually steal like, like, from the stores like that. Like, I really don’t.

She was booked and racked up a number of charges including assault on a peace officer for when she backed into the deputy’s car and shoplifting. Gallegos was released on her own recognizance and will be back in court next month.

Mcewan was also charged with shoplifting and released on her own recognizance. She is also due back in court next month.