ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) – Lapel video showed the moment Alamogordo Police Department officers catch up to the man charged with shooting and killing Officer Anthony Ferguson.

In a nearly pitch-black alley, there was panic in the officer’s voices as they rushed to help Ferguson and find the suspect. It was early in the morning on July 15th when the manhunt began.

In the video, officers approach the man they believe killed Officer Ferguson, Dominic De La O. They see he is not armed, and officers use a taser to get him to comply, where he’s later arrested and taken to a local hospital. When he was released, he had nothing to say to police.

The chase all started when officers tried to pull over De La O for driving without headlights and tail lights, but the investigation showed he took off, crashed the car into a pole, and then ran.

De La O is facing a long list of charges including first-degree murder. A judge ruled he will stay behind bars until trial.