LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – We are seeing for ourselves just how quickly a police encounter can turn dangerous. A state police officer sees a motorcycle broken down in Los Lunas. He pulls over to help the rider out and it isn’t long before all hell breaks loose.

Officer: Call it, call it, call it. CNT 5 foot pursuit, foot pursuit.

Within seconds of pulling over, a state police officer finds himself on the run. Rewind to what was supposed to be a typical traffic stop. Officer Corral noticed a motorcycle broken down on the side of El Cerro Loop and Florian Lane in Los Lunas on August 2.

Officer: What is going on your chain?

Corral quickly notices something is off.

Officer: Where is your license plate?
Gilliam: Yeah, I was just going to register it now.
Officer: Now, is that what you were exactly going to do?
Gilliam: Yeah, okay. I’m sorry. I apologize very much.

The suspect gives the officer his name, David Gilliam, and the officer asks him to stand still.

Officer: Do me a favor; you are moving a lot, do me a favor and just lean over here by the fence.

Gilliam doesn’t follow commands for long. When a name check comes back with several felony warrants in Albuquerque, Gilliam takes off.

This leads to a chase across an open field. Corral then tackles him and that is when Gilliam starts punching the officer.

Officer: Stop dude. I got you. That’s it, that’s it. Recruit.

Officer Corral’s lapel stops working at that point. That’s when the police recruit with Corral drives the vehicle over so he can help. In lapel video, the officer can be seen gaining control and has Gilliam in custody.

Gilliam is put in the back seat of the police car and decides he has had enough and lies down for the trip to jail. Gilliam had warrants for stealing cars and drugs. He will appear in court later this month.