EDGEWOOD, N.M. (KRQE) – Police never know what they’re going to find on the interstates in New Mexico. This was the case when a New Mexico State Police officer spotted a woman with a flat tire on the side of I-40 last month. It turns out, the woman was wanted for murder out of New York City.

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An unsuspecting NMSP officer stopped to check on a stranded motorist on I-40 near Edgewood. Haiyan Deng tells the officer she had a flat tire and was waiting on a friend to help her out.

Officer: “You’re still here. What happened?”
Deng: “He don’t call me.”
Officer: “Oh, he’s still not here?”
Deng: “Yeah, one hour!”

Video shows the officer asking Deng if she could take her to her friend and Deng agrees. The officer returned to the scene after she was alerted that the woman may be a suspected murderer. To keep her there, the officer offers to help her find a spare tire.

Officer: “Maybe I have a tire. I can help you with it.”
Deng: “You can help me?”
Officer: “Yeah.”

The officer says she’ll call for help when it’s confirmed the license plate was a match. A newspaper in New York says 31-year-old Deng was wanted out of Queens for the murder of her married boyfriend days prior. In the video, Deng says she was cold and tried to go back to her car but the officer — not knowing what was inside — tries to detain her instead. That’s when Deng started to resist and the two ended up on the ground.

A good Samaritan driving by saw the altercation and stopped to help. The officer was then able to full cuff Deng, as Torrance County deputies arrived on the scene. Police ended up finding a revolver in a backpack on the passenger floorboard of the car. Deng is charged with resisting arrest and is awaiting extradition back to New York to face murder charges there.