AZTEC, N.M. (KRQE) – A chase, reaching speeds of 110 miles per hour, in La Plata County ended in an interesting way with the suspect thanking police. Just before 11 p.m., Aztec Police received word of a stolen vehicle out of Colorado. An officer spotted the vehicle and tried to pull over the driver but he took off.

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The driver, Elias Buck, hit speeds of 70 mph on residential streets. The suspect then got onto southbound Highway 550 and drove out of town. The officer tried to keep up going 110 mph when the SUV suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. The officer saw the car turn around and the driver headed back into town on 550.

Buck weaved in and out of oncoming traffic and then he made a sudden turn onto a dirt road. Buck made another quick turn and jumped out of the vehicle while it was still moving. The SUV eventually crashed into a fence. Buck was later caught hiding behind a house after a short foot chase. As police put him in the back of the officer’s car, he thanked them.

Buck then made a request. “Hey, can you do that breathalyzer so I don’t get a DUI,” Buck said in lapel video. “Yeah, we can do that,” the officer responded.

He then tried to explain to officers why he was in the stolen vehicle and it turned out, it was carjacked. He said he had paid a guy for a ride. Buck started to realize the seriousness of the situation and has one more question for officers.

Buck: “Do you think I am going to go to jail for a long time?”
Officer: “I have no idea.”

Buck was transported back to Colorado to face charges for the carjacking in La Plata County. The victim suffered several broken ribs. Buck is also facing charges linked to the chase in New Mexico.