ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) – New video shows former County Commissioner Couy Griffin getting pulled over and getting into it with police officers. Griffin shows he’s not just an election denier, he’s also a traffic ticket denier.

It starts out cordially enough.

Officer: Hello, sir.
Griffin: How you doing?

Former Otero County Commissioner and well-known rabble-rouser Couy Griffin was pulled over in Alamogordo in his Dodge Ram in early November.

Officer: Reason why I stopped you, is I observed when you were back there and you weren’t wearing your seatbelt.

The pickup was emblazoned with his “Cowboys For Trump” logo.

Officer: Where you headed to? Get some lunch?
Griffin: I’m headed to get my truck washed.

With the pickup still running, the state cop walks back to his patrol car and notes to his partner..

Officer: Yep, still wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.

Griffin had recently been booted out of office following his conviction on federal charges for trespassing outside the Capitol building during the January 6 attack. The officers call Griffin over and the traffic stop gets ugly.

In the seatbelt citation, the officer would note Griffin got “mouthy.”

Officer: I’m going to issue a citation for the seatbelt. I take the seatbelts very serious just because the amount of crashes we’ve both seen.
Griffin: What is it? Speak up a little.
Officer: I said I am going to issue a citation for a seatbelt. I take the seatbelts very serious.
Griffin: Oh yeah, I’m sure.
Officer: Yeah, just because all the crashes I’ve seen.
Griffin: It’s too bad you don’t take more of the drugs and the other crime going on a little bit more serious instead of out here citing people for no seatbelts. But go ahead and do whatever you need to do.
Officer: Yes, sir. So..
Griffin: We live in a state that’s just so corrupt right now and has so much crime, and there’s two of you guys out here driving around citing people for no seatbelts. It’s probably why New Mexico is a toilet.

And he wasn’t finished with his rant.

Griffin: You know the drugs right now are horrible, the property crime is horrible, and there’s two of you guys riding around citing people for no seatbelts?
Officer: So, we’d probably be doing the drug stuff if you were wearing your seatbelt.
Griffin: Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah.
Officer: So if you want to waste our time here..

After the officer hands him the ticket, Griffin still gets in a parting shot.

Officer: You’re free to go. Be safe.
Griffin: I’d be embarrassed if I was you guys.
Officer: Alright. Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.

Griffin went to court over the seatbelt ticket where he was ordered to pay the $81 fine.