ESPAÑOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – A man led police on a highspeed chase that resulted in his arrest in December. At around 9:18 p.m. on December 20, 2021, New Mexico State Police attempted to run a routine traffic stop on a golden Nissan on State Road 291 and McCurdy Road.

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When police ran the plates, the vehicle’s registration came up as suspended. Police attempted to stop the car, but it took off. 

Police chased the car, then made a left turn onto State Road 76. Police chased the car onto Ramsey Road before fleeing north.  

The car then came up on an arroyo before turning on the dirt roadway. Police continue the chase of the vehicle for three miles.  

The vehicle finally comes to a stop. The video shows two people exiting the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer then gets out and chases the driver. He later recognizes it to be Joey Martinez, someone the officer has dealt with before.  

The officer threatens to tase Martinez before he places cuffs on him. According to the criminal complaint, Martinez struggles to get away from the officer. The complaint alleges that Martinez tried to gouge the officer in the eye before he was taken into custody. 

He faces felony Disarming a Peace Officer (Depriving of the Use of a Firearm or Weapon) charges, Battery Upon a Peace Officer, and resisting arrest.