ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)- An Albuquerque Police Department officer got a surprise when he found a suspect in a city recycling bin in someone’s driveway following a crash with a school bus with small kids on their way to school. “Get out of the trash can, hands up and empty, we’re with the Albuquerque police department,” said the officer heard on camera.

It all happened around January 12 of this year, near 90th and Blake. As seen in the video, the front end of the grey car was badly damaged. Luckily none of the kids on the bus were hurt. 

The officer is seen going to the school bus to check if everyone is okay. Bystanders pointed officers in the direction of two suspects who ran off. Police first caught up with Pedro Crespin. The video showed officers running after him while telling him to get on the ground. Police began to question Crespin, but he was giving them a hard time.  

Officer: “Let’s be honest man. Let’s be grown *** men and tell me what happened.”

 Crespin: “Uh, I… I don’t even know, like….”

Officer: “You don’t know?”

Officer: “So, you weren’t in that car? that crashed into the school bus on 90th and Blake?” 

Crespin: “Crashed into a school bus?”

Officer: “Yeah, man.” 

Police said they found 100 blue fentanyl pills, syringes, and heroin. Just moments later, the officer found a female hiding in a recycling bin.  

Pedro Crespin and the woman were both charged that day. The woman’s charges were dropped, which is why News 13 didn’t show or name her. Those charges can be re-filed. Crespin has been arrested twice since this incident.