ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New video shows what led up to the moment an Albuquerque woman slapped an Albuquerque Police officer across the face. “Shut the f— up, bro,” the woman said before slapping the officer. “Shut the f— up.”

The moment when 22-year-old Selena Moreno slaps an APD officer all began when Moreno’s girlfriend called police on her. “No, I am f—— pissed,” her girlfriend said in the police lapel video. “She f—— bit me.”

When police arrived at the apartment in southeast Albuquerque, Selena was topless and said she was drunk. “I took f—— alcohol and my hurt feelings and mixed them together, and b—— don’t mean s—.”

Moreno retreats to a closet and things start to get out of hand. She broke the closet door and screamed. “S—, where the f— is this door, bro?” Moreno asked.

When her friends return to the apartment, Moreno runs out of the closet, assaulting the police officer before the police get her handcuffed on the ground. “Can you guys go,” the officer asked her friends. “Can you please go? It is just escalating her.”

Police eventually removed her from the scene and get her in the back of the police car. Moreno pleaded guilty Friday to felony battery charges.

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