ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –She’s a suspect in a homicide case and someone who’s no stranger to police, making a name for herself by getting in and out of jail. Now newly obtained police video shows one of those recent arrests that tested officers again. 

Albuquerque police caught up with Acasia Baca in March at a Family Dollar. Accused of shoplifting and threatening an employee with a knife. In police video, witnesses warn law enforcement that Baca has a knife. When officers arrest Baca she says she threw the knife in the trash. 

Officers found employees holding the door shut to keep Baca from running off. In the police video employees can be heard saying this isn’t the first time they’ve seen her. 

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“She tried to steal cigarettes because she pulled out a knife out on me once I took the tote over here from her. Because she’s come in many times. Like we actually have pictures that we sent out on group texts not to let her in,” said an unknown employee.      

Police say Baca tried to steal more than two hundred dollars worth of stuff before employees tried to stop her. She then drew a knife. After police questioned Baca, she asked to use the bathroom. Officers took her to a nearby Walmart, but when they tried readjusting her handcuffs, Baca booked it. In the police video, she can be heard saying “I can’t do this” and “I need to get home to my baby, I need to get home to my daughter,” before running. 

Despite that arrest, a judge released Baca from custody two days later. Last month, Baca was arrested at a home near 98th and Gibson on a warrant and in connection to a murder case. 

Court records show that after that, Baca tried to escape again this time at the downtown Lovelace Hospital where officers say she tried climbing through ceiling tiles. Baca is now in jail awaiting drug treatment. 

Baca is slated to be back in court in about two weeks on charges tied to the attempted hospital escape. Court records indicate she’s facing charges in at least three different criminal cases.