ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man is facing charges after a fight that started with his girlfriend, then became a whole neighborhood’s problem. People living in a neighborhood near Isleta and Rio Bravo told deputies someone in a grey truck had been speeding up and down their street all day long.

Things went from bad to worse when that same driver crashed into a car parked along the street. Neighbors followed the truck to a nearby ditch bank, but when Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies showed up, the driver was already gone.

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Others were able to find him farther down the ditch. Twenty-three-year-old Jorge Quiroz knew the jig was up. “I apologize, sir. I apologize for giving you guys trouble,” Quiroz said.

In the back of a patrol car, he told deputies it all started with a fight between he and his girlfriend and admitted to drinking two tall boys before the crash. But that night he wouldn’t get a chance to make up with his girlfriend either. Instead, he’s arrested and charged with DWI and more.

The same day of his arrest, Quiroz was in court for a separate case after a police officer spotted him in a stolen vehicle. As part of his conditions of release, he was not supposed to be drinking.