ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A feud between neighbors in southwest Albuquerque turned violent over a turkey. The incident happened when the pet wandered into another neighbor’s yard; leading to rock throwing and fists flying. KRQE News 13 obtained home surveillance video from the incident and deputy body camera video that shows Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies interviewing the victim in June.

The homeowner told deputies that the neighbor’s turkey frequently trots over onto her property to eat fruit off of their raspberry bush, according to the body camera video. The woman claimed two neighbor boys, who belonged to the family that owns the turkey, started throwing rocks at it as the pet was in the wrong yard. That’s when the victim said her grandmother told the boys to cut it out. “I told her, they’re probably trying to get the turkey,” the victim told deputies.

That’s when a woman, identified by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies as Sabrina Chavez, got involved. “She’s assuming that we’re talking crap, saying we’re going to call the cops. She starts approaching and mouthing off, disrespecting my mom and my mom starts pointing, you know,” the victim told deputies about Chavez.

Chavez was seen on the surveillance video picking up a large rock by the neighbor’s gate; eventually throwing it at them. “And then, at what point did it escalate?” a deputy asked the victim. “She picked up the rock, yeah, and the family came to support her,” the victim responded.

The violence intensified from there: “Her and her family started jumping in, pushing me down, because you know what, yeah, they all jumped in honestly. I think because I got her a** to the ground…And that’s when my mom jumped in and then it was just me and her getting attacked by the group of like six to eight, maybe even ten people,” the victim told deputies. “They were kicking me in my face, all of them. I don’t even know who it was multiple. And they were ripping my clothes off…My daughter is right here watching, screaming.”

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The family told deputies that this wasn’t the first feud with their neighbors: “It’s just disgusting. My grandmother’s here 20 years. 20 years. And since they’ve been here, they have nothing but mayhem and you know chaos,” the victim said.

Deputies can’t be seen interviewing Chavez or the family in the body camera video. Chavez is facing assault and battery charges.