Note: The case has been dismissed based on the State’s failure to timely prosecute the matter.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A DWI stop in Albuquerque made for a bizarre scene

along I-40. A man with a long criminal history cries, screams, and struggles to stand. New Mexico State Police said Benjamin Benavides was driving in and out of traffic, onto the shoulder, slamming his brakes, and cutting people off. When police pulled him over, things only escalated.

It all began on I-40 and San Mateo earlier this month when police said 31-year-old Benavides was driving recklessly. Police said Benavides also had a Glock and pipes in the car. “Reckless driving, emotional craziness…” an officer described. “He had a firearm in the center.”

Once he was pulled over, Benavides told police he was suffering from a gunshot wound after accidentally shooting himself in the stomach a few days before. Police said he admitted to drinking two or three shots and got extremely emotional. Then, he got angry. “F— all of you,” Benavides said in the police video.

Officers struggled to get him in the back of the police car. “I got a gunshot wound to the abdomen,” Benavides said. “I can’t. I can’t.”

Once inside, the police report said he hit his head nearly a dozen times. When he got to State Police headquarters, police said he tried to kick medical personnel, told police to kill him, and tried to hit his head on the floor of the holding cell. “Ben, I am worried about you hitting your head on the floor again,” someone at the office said. “Are you going to do that?”

He cursed and tried to spit on police while they were trying to get him on the gurney to be hospitalized. After all of this, he ends up thanking police. “You know what, officer,” Benavides asked. “I respect you in the job you are doing. Thank you for saving my a–.”

Benavides was charged with assault on a healthcare worker, assault on a peace officer, aggravated DWI and more. Benavides has an extensive criminal history including multiple felony charges and a previous DWI. He is set to see a judge over these latest charges next month.