HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – A police officer opened fire into a windshield in an attempt to stop a suspected car thief. When other officers arrived, and the suspect was cuffed, he gave them the slip, video reveals.

Saturday afternoon, officers were called to look into a report of a gun-involved fight. When they were responding, they ran into Christopher Rojas, 17, who’s accused of driving a stolen Dodge Charger. Police think Rojas was fleeing from the crime that was originally reported; after crossing paths with him, events took a turn.

Dashcam video shows Rojas hitting a patrol car and a parked car while trying to escape. That’s when the officer fired at least six rounds at the teenager through the windshield. The officer’s lapel video wasn’t turned on until the suspect is on the ground.

During the shooting, Rojas was hit by gunfire in the hand. More officers arrived on the scene and put him in handcuffs. Officers treated Rojas’ injury and waited for EMS to arrive. An ambulance showed up, but Rojas reportedly had other plans.

With his hands still cuffed behind his back, police noticed Rojas hopped out the back door of the ambulance and ran off. Officers sprinted after him and tackled him about a block later.

State Police are investigating the shooting, and the District Attorney will decide if the officer’s actions were justified.

Rojas was charged with illegal possession of a gun, evading arrest, and for shooting from a car for the incident just before police ran into him. He could still face more charges.