ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Neighbors in a quiet neighborhood are shaken up after they woke up to shots being fired Sunday night. It’s a nice neighborhood located near Ventana Ranch. But those who live there say crime found them Sunday night. “It needs to stop. It needs to stop. This is unacceptable,” said a concerned neighbor.

Neighbors say four men were walking around the area trying to pull car doors open. Thanks to security cameras, neighbors caught them and their car on tape. Eventually, someone confronted them, and that’s when the burglars fired shots.

“The burglars were shooting at the neighbor. They heard about 15 shots. They hit multiple houses and multiple cars,” said another concerned neighbor.

It’s a reminder that no neighborhood is immune to crime. “This is a family-oriented neighborhood community. The fact that it happened at night, no one’s really aware what’s going on. Bullets are going through houses. Scary,” said Eric, a neighbor.

Now, families are picking up the pieces; repairing their homes, getting new windows for their cars, trying to cope with the traumatic experience, and waiting for something to be done with the criminals who got away. “I’m just hoping they can catch these people,” said Frank, a nearby neighbor.

Neighbors say nobody was hurt and mentioned police haven’t said whether the burglars have been caught. KRQE News 13contacted police and have not heard back yet.