LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Valencia County Sheriff is growing more and more frustrated over repeat offenders in the community. “Our CRIT team is basically out there looking for homes that have issues with drug dealing.” Valencia County Sheriff Denise Vigil says a home in Los Lunas has been busted for drugs five times in the past year.

The man who lives there is David Black. He’s fled from police four times before finally getting caught. “Last week, we did a warrant roundup – he was picked up at that time. Drugs were again found in the same home so our CRIT team did another search warrant and now he is incarcerated,” explains Sheriff Vigil.

She’s glad Black will go before a judge, accused of distributing dangerous drugs to the community like fentanyl and methamphetamine. But she’s frustrated that her deputies have to deal with the same people over and over again. She explains, “We’re here putting the same attention onto the same home so therefore, it’s frustrating for other neighborhoods that have issues in their areas and would like our CRIT team to take care of those.”

In the month of March, Valencia County’s Community Response Impact Team raided five drug homes alone. Sheriff Vigil continues, “That tells you how much distribution is still going around this county, and of course, we can’t catch them all.”

Sheriff Vigil wants tougher laws. “The laws need to be stricter and I know that many legislators have tried to do that and they have been unsuccessful.” She also emphasizes the importance of help for people struggling with addiction. “They’re not born drug dealers, they’re not born doing drugs, so somewhere there has to be something that helps people get back on track.”

During that drug bust last week, the Valencia County Sheriff’s office also arrested two other individuals at David Black’s residence for outstanding warrants and possession of narcotics.