RUIDOSO, N.M. (KRQE) –They were caught on camera busting up windows at a New Mexico Boys and Girls Club. But police say that was just the start of a late-night crime spree that ended with over $18,000 in damage and stolen fast food meat. 

“Why did you pick the Boys and Girls Club? Why did you decide to vandalize or attempt to break into our building and cause the problems that you caused?” said Tim Coughlin, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Lincoln County.  

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The Boys and Girls Club cleaned up hundreds of dollars in damage to windows and doors earlier this month. Surveillance video captured a group of guys in front of the Sierra Blanca Boys and Girls Club around 2 a.m. on November 5. 

Eventually, the video shows two of those guys pitching rocks at the building’s front door. “When the rock went through that window into the club that’s what set off the alarm, so they never actually gained entry into the building,” said Coughlin. 

 While that alarm alerted security and police investigators it wasn’t the end of the duo’s crime spree. “While they were investigating that, they got simultaneous alarm calls from Subway, Sonic, and Family Dollar there all just down the street from the Boys and Girls Club,” said Kerry Gladden, PIO for Ruidoso police department.  

Officers caught up with 25-year-old Jorge Portillo-Trillo and 19-year-old Justin Ontiveros-Villa. 

 “As soon as the male subject saw the police officers they fled on foot” said Gladden. 

Police eventually stopped the pair and found some of the evidence. Officers say Portillo-Trillo had frozen chicken and hamburgers in his pockets from Sonic along with $57. 

Police say they also found Ontiveros-Villa with a tub of marinara and meatballs from Subway chicken nuggets and fries from Sonic and even chips from a Family Dollar.  

When police questioned the pair Ontivaras said “they were drunk and high.” 

Police say the duo caused more than $17,000 in damage at the Sonic. Both have been released from jail while facing multiple charges including burglary of a structure, criminal damage to property, conspiracy, and larceny.