NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A roofing company in Los Ranchos said a thief broke onto their property and stole a truck filled with tools. It happened at Crego Roofing on Fourth near Paseo.

Surveillance video shows the thief wandering through the lot, looking through storage containers and buildings before the power was cut. The thief plowed through a fence, getting away with the truck and around $4,000 worth of tools, including some of the worker’s personal tools.

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“They trusted us and trusted the security in the area enough that they left their tools in the truck. Of course, the truck was locked and everything, but they left their personal tools they’ve used for years and years, so they’re out as well. They were bugged, but I think it was more a personal violation like you can’t trust anything,” said Stephen Gregg with Crego Roofing.

Crego Roofing said they’ve heard from other businesses in the area with similar stories. KRQE reached out to Bernalillo County Sheriff for more information but did not hear back.