NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The trial of Leland Hust wrapped up its seventh day on Friday. Hust is accused of raping and killing a 6-year-old Rio Rancho girl in 2018. 

On Thursday, a handwritten note was at the center of the Leland Hust trial. While in the Sandoval County Jail, Hust wrote a letter that was handed to detectives. They say it revealed more inconsistencies in his story, including that he was in the room with Romeo the night of the murder–something he denied in prior interviews.

Friday, Hust’s attorneys called forensic scientist Laura Schile to the stand to try and further their argument. She testified that based on her understanding, Hust spent a lot of time in Romeo’s room which coul have led to an environmental DNA transfer. “I’m leaving portions of myself right now on the stand, and I will take evidence away with me when I leave. So, therefore, wherever we spend a great amount of time, we’re going to leave more of ourselves behind.,” said Schile.

The defense rested their case on Friday following Schile’s testimony. The trial will resume Monday morning.