ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The trial for the teen accused of murder at an Albuquerque park is now underway. Noah Duran and Jaden Sandoval are accused of killing Elijah Mirabal at North Domingo Baca Park in October 2020.

Witnesses claim Mirabal went to the park thinking he was selling drugs to a girl, but was instead met by Duran and Sandoval who robbed and shot him, Duran was also shot. Wednesday in court, the state argued that Duran and Sandoval orchestrated the drug deal and fully intended on robbing Mirabal that night.

The defense argued Duran was shot at first by Mirabel and he fired back in self defense. They also claim Mirabal’s car would prove that by showing what angle the bullets were fired from, but the car was not preserved for evidence.

Duran is charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and other charges.