ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The trial for Steven Candelaria is underway Tuesday. Candelaria, and his brother Brandon, are accused of killing Luciano Montoya in southeast Albuquerque in November 2020

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Montoya’s ex-girlfriend told police Steven and Brandon came to the apartment and fired multiple shots before driving off. Police say they shot 19 times.

The state argues Candelaria killed Montoya out of retaliation after the mother of steven’s son tried ending their relationship and went to stay with Montoya. They say the brothers showed up to Montoya’s home and fired at him 18 times while he was unarmed.

The defense is claiming Montoya was armed and he was the one that started shooting first. They also questioned the credibility of witnesses in the case, that they have changed their story. “Both Brandon and Steven, when they get out of the car, had guns in their hands,” an attorney said during opening statements, Tuesday. “They knew what they were going to do.”

Candelaria is being charged with first-degree murder.