ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A peaceful Sunday lunch turned into chaos at an Albuquerque restaurant on Mar. 5. Police say a customer opened fire during a family dispute in the restaurant, grazing the owner with a bullet.

One customer says she was paying her bill when she heard gunshots and dove under a table. “Lots of fear. We ran to hide and when I ran, I saw there were already people on the ground hiding too,” says an anonymous customer. This woman says she was getting lunch with her friend at El Sinaloense Mariscos and Grill on Central and says the last thing she expected was to be hiding under a table yesterday, scared for her life after shots were fired. 

A police report says security video shows Jonathan Enriquez at a table when another man, Alexis Ordonez, walked over to him. Ordonez’s sister is the mother of Enriquez’s child and they were there too. 

Police say Enriquez pushed Ordonez and the restaurant owner tried to intervene. Enriquez then pulled out a pistol and shot Ordonez in the chest. “I felt so sad, because there was a little girl who kept saying, “Did they kill my dad? Did they kill my dad?” and a woman told her “No, no, your dad is okay,” says an anonymous customer. 

Records say the owner of the restaurant was grazed by the bullet through his shirt and a customer was shot in the arm. Security video from a neighbor shows Enriquez running down the street after the shooting. The restaurant owner followed Enriquez and called the police. Enriquez was arrested shortly after and made his first court appearance earlier today, Mar. 6. 

Ordonez is in the hospital and should survive. The incident occurred in the same restaurant where police say Sergio Almanza was drinking before hopping in his family-sized ATV, hitting, and killing a young boy leaving the River of Lights

View the statement from El Sinaloense Mariscos and Grill :