ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One Albuquerque neighborhood is on the lookout after a string of bizarre crimes that has them feeling the heat. They say thieves are targeting their air conditioners. 

“I kind of creeped over and looked out the window and I saw a dark truck parked on my side yard and a hooded figure trying to get the copper off my wall,” said homeowner, Robert Cordova. 

Robert Cordova just bought his home in Elwood Place back in January. He said the neighborhood was quiet and in a good part of town so he thought it would be a perfect place to live. He said he never imagined that someone would target his air conditioning unit.  

“I was kind of amazed at how bold they are you know because it’s a corner lot but you know, but it’s very exposed and any number of neighbors could look out the window and see something,” said Cordova.  

Cordova said it all began last Saturday when he woke up to the sound of fire trucks outside his home. Someone had messed with the AC unit and caused it to smoke. Then on Monday, he woke up to noise outside his bedroom window. That’s when he said he saw a hooded person trying to get the copper off of his wall. By the time he turned on the light and found his phone, they were gone and so was his AC unit. 

Cordova then learned that another home in his neighborhood also had its AC unit vandalized, taking all of the inner copper tubing and wiring. His air conditioning is out, with temperatures on the rise.  

“If I had pets that were sensitive to temperature swings or you know elderly individuals that lived in the home you know that could very dangerous,” said Cordova. 

Cordova said replacing his unit will cost him more than $10,000. He said he’ll also be investing in security cameras. 

“You know thieves are out there, they’re looking for easy valuable targets and it’s kind of sad but as homeowners we have to do what we can to kind of protect what we have,” said Cordova. 

News 13 reached out to APD to ask if there is an increase in AC thefts at homes. They said these are the only two instances they know of.