ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque car dealer says he’s taken another hit after a thief got away with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. “We have this Grinch that comes in and steals,” said Samuel Wilhelm.

Samuel Wilhelm said Monday morning, the man in the video got away with about $10,000 of electronics from his Albuquerque car dealership near Central and Eubank. “Anything he could get his hands on as fast as possible… he took cameras even the security camera,” said Wilhelm.

His business, Kosher Auto Sales, is one of 12 used car dealerships in the shared lot and building. Wilhelm believes the man broke in through a window to hit all of them. “The guy broke into every business in this building,” said Wilhelm.

Wilhelm also says he was able to track the location of one of the missing laptops to Denver, Colorado. “Because they marked the serial number as stolen so they take it to another state to sell it,” said Wilhelm.

He says a break-in like this is devastating because they’ve struggled to stay afloat all year. “A break-in like this can put a small business like us out of business very easily, especially during this time with the pandemic,” said Wilhelm says. He just hopes things turn around next year. “It’s a hard Christmas season, 2020 has been a hard year,” said Wilhelm.

Wilhelm says he’s offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the man’s arrest. He’s also started a GoFundMe because his insurance is only covering a portion of the loss.

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