ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque homeowner who caught a thief on camera was shocked by what he saw next. The crook brought back items he didn’t want. Joshua Rodgers said he’s frustrated a thief broke into his wife’s car. But at least he knows it could have been worse.

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“As soon as he got back to his car with the wallet and her keys, he ran back really quick and threw the keys in the car. So it was really weird to see him do that,” said Rodgers. “I appreciate him doing that, otherwise, that would’ve been a whole other issue.” 

Surveillance video from Rodgers’ garage last Sunday around 6:30 p.m., shows the crime taking place. Then moments later, the video shows the thief running back in and tossing the keys back onto the seat before driving off in his own car. Rodgers said there was less than $30 in cash and a couple of credit cards in his wife’s wallet. He said his garage was open at the time because he was going back and forth to clean it.

Rodgers said, unfortunately, crime in his neighborhood near Coal and Girard is far too common. 

“This neighborhood is not safe, I’ve had several incidents where I’ve confronted people on this property and I’ve confronted them with my firearm and I’ve told them to stay away,” said Rodgers. “And every single time it’s a new face, so there’s plenty of crime and it keeps on coming from all over the city.” 

Rodgers said just last year his surveillance cameras captured a deadly officer-involved shooting just outside his home. As far as Sunday’s thief, Rodgers said he canceled the credit cards right after they were stolen. He said the credit card company told him the thief tried to fill up at a nearby gas station that same evening. 

Rodgers did file a police report. The Albuquerque Police Department said they’re looking into the case.