ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A teen with a troubled past dating back to when he was 14 keeps getting in trouble. Friday, he was back in court when a judge decided whether he will stay behind bars this time around. Matthew Jaramillo was arrested on Tuesday allegedly in a stolen car.

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It comes after he was arrested last month with a stolen vehicle. At a hearing Friday, Judge Brett Loveless says Jaramillo needs to stay behind bars until trial.

According to a criminal complaint, Jaramillo was found on San Pedro in southeast Albuquerque in a stolen Hyundai which Jaramillo says he knew was stolen but paid $75 for it. There were also drugs in the car and a handgun in his friend’s purse.

The state argued Jaramillo has a history of violating conditions of release, like allegedly cutting off his GPS monitor. His defense argued that he doesn’t have any violent or felony convictions. In August, Jaramillo was arrested for allegedly stealing a car, shoplifting with a firearm and resisting arrest. He was let out by Judge Lucy Solomon who says not enough evidence was presented to keep him behind bars.

Judge Loveless says that August’s arrest matters in Friday’s decision. “If he’s routinely committing crimes while possessing a firearm and encountering police and others, it gives the court great concern whether the defendant presents danger,” Loveless said.

In 2016, when Jaramillo was just 14 he was arrested after stealing a car, picking up a prostitute and going on a deadly joyride that killed 46-year-old Richard Sisneros. Two years after that arrest, a judge dismissed all the charges against Jaramillo siding with a psychologist saying he was not mentally competent for trial. Jaramillo’s trial date has not been set yet.