ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – He was an Albuquerque teen who tried to pass himself off as sheriff’s deputy. On Monday, he faced a judge and was sentenced.

It happened back in September when an Albuquerque Police officer saw Brenden Wysynski on 4th street near I-40. Lapel video shows the 18-year old had pulled over another car that he claimed was speeding.

He told the officer he worked for the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, but didn’t keep up the act very long.

Wysynski: I’m just gonna to be straight up honest with you I’m not a cop
Officer: where’d you get that badge from?
Wysynski: I bought it off of line, offline.

Lapel video shows Wysynski was wearing some type of uniform, he had a car with flashing lights, and a police radio inside.

Monday, Wysynski showed up to court with a female companion. He pled no contest to impersonating a peace officer.

Judge Sandra Engel sentenced him to one year probation. On top of that, she wanted to make sure there was no chance for Wysynski to repeat this behavior in the future.

Judge Engel: You can’t carry any firearms, deadly weapons, handcuffs, anything like that. I do not want any kind of re-offense on this kind of case. Does that make sense?
Wysynski: Yes, Your Honor.

If Wysynski gets in trouble during this year probation, he could face a year behind bars. He didn’t have much to say in court today and only agreed with the judge.

Judge Engel also ordered Wysynski to be evaluated within the next three weeks to see what type of counseling can benefit him. Besides a traffic violation, he has a clean record here in New Mexico.

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