ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A judge ruled a 19-year-old accused in a deadly drunk driving crash cannot be trusted back on the streets. Investigators say Casino Salazar was driving nearly 100 mph and blew through a red light when he crashed and killed 58-year-old Kevin Barton at Montgomery Blvd. and Morris St. last month.

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Just three days earlier, Salazar had been released pending trial in another DWI case in Roswell. In that case, the judge ordered him not to drink, not to drive, and not to leave Chaves County. On Wednesday, prosecutors argued those rules clearly did not stop Salazar from violating all of them at the time of the crash.

“All of those conditions are things that people don’t accidentally do. This was deliberate and willful violation of a court order that was imposed upon him two weeks ago,” Judge Courtney Weaks said.

Weaks agreed that court-ordered conditions would not be enough to keep Salazar from offending again. She ordered him to stay in jail until his trial.