FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – KRQE News 13 is getting a look at new video from the night a suspected drunk driver nearly crashed into a Farmington Police officer leading to shots fired. Despite lapel camera footage showing it all play out, the suspect says he didn’t do it.

“If I hit him with my car, then that sh** would have been ‘boom!'” Ladarius Tinhorn can be heard saying in the footage. According to police, Tinhorn was behind the wheel on June 23rd when Officer Waylon Wasson tried to pull him over for driving recklessly. However, things escalated when police say Tinhorn decided not to stick around.

Lapel video shows him nearly pinning the officer against the car and Wasson firing off three rounds: “Shots fired…It’s gonna be a black cobalt…It rammed me,” Wasson can be heard saying. A short time later, other officers track down Tinhorn along with his 17-year-old passenger; but Tinhorn doesn’t understand why he’s in trouble: “That’s some bulls**t bro. I didn’t even hit the police officer.”

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Later on, Tinhorn can be heard admitting to drinking before driving, but back at the station—where he would blow twice the legal limit—he still maintains he never hit the officer.

“What made y’all pull us over? What did we do?” Tinhorn asks. “You hit a police officer,” responded an officer. “I hit a police officer with my car?” Tinhorn asks. “Someone in the vehicle did,” the officer responds.

Tinhorn was hit with a long list of charges but is now out of jail under strict conditions. Officer Wasson had a bruised foot but has returned to the job. Farmington’s police chief has said the officer was justified in firing his gun.